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My dryer is very noisy!

If your tumble dryer is loud and noisy the problem could be a number of things, depending on the type of noise and when it is happening. If the dryer works fine and just makes a noise many people just try and ignore it, but the noise could indicate something more serious going on inside.

You should always check the pockets of your clothes before drying them. The simplest explanation for noise during spinning is items stuck in tub underneath the drum,
such as loose coins and paperclips that were left in clothes during washing. They often won’t make noise unless the drum is full of clothes and turning.

If the dryer is shaking and vibrating when spinning, it is also worth checking that the dryer is sitting on a level surface. If the appliance has height adjusters on the front legs, playing with these to ensure the machine is level can often reduce the effect.

If the machine is noisy when turning and makes the whole appliance shake and rumble, this could indicate a problem with the drum bearings (bearings help wheels to turn more easily- your car has them on every wheel).

If the noise is constant when the drum is turning, it could be a problem with the drum itself. If the noise is metallic, it could be the drum itself scraping on something inside the machine. Inspect the drum visually for any obvious dents or marks.

A high-pitched whining or screaming type noise could indicate wear to the motor bearings.

A squeaking noise could be caused by wear to the tension pulley wheels. This is common on older models.

All of these can be repaired or replaced by trained professional- call the Hero Hotline now.

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