Fridge Freezer Hints and Tips

Before examining your fridge freezer, ALWAYS ensure it is unplugged from the mains.

What’s the best way to pull out my fridge freezer?
The easiest way to pull out the fridge freezer is to lift it slightly at the front and gently pull it forwards (this is because the wheels are usually towards the back of the appliance). The best way to do this is to reach around the unit like you are hugging it, and gently inch it forwards.

If you cannot do this, or simply don’t like the idea of being that intimate with your kitchen appliances, try lifting from the bottom of the fridge front- but go slowly and be careful not to let it topple!

You may also want to cover your floor with a piece of cardboard or an old towel before trying to move your fridge freezer, to prevent making a mess or damaging your nice clean floor.

Another trick that can help is to put a small amount of washing up liquid or soap on the floor. This lets the feet slide out more easily, but can be a bit messy on your floor tiles. Oh, and don’t try this one on carpet- it won’t work. Trust us, we’ve tried!

REMEMBER: Fridge freezers are generally big heavy things and much bigger than you, so obviously don’t attempt to move them yourself unless you are sure you can do it safely. It will hurt if it falls on top of you- trust us! If you have a bad back or are unwell, don’t even think about it- leave it to our super-strong heroes instead.

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