What’s the best way to pull out my washing machine?

The easiest way to pull the machine out is to lift it slightly at the front and gently pull it forwards (This is because the wheels are usually towards the back of the appliance).
To do this, we suggest opening the door and taking hold of the top of the door rim.
If the door won’t open, try taking out the soap tray and lifting using this hole instead.
If you can’t do either of these, try lifting from the bottom of the machine front.

You may also want to cover your floor with a piece of cardboard or an old towel before trying to move your washer, to prevent making a mess or damaging your nice clean floor.

Another trick that can help is to put a small amount of washing up liquid or soap on the floor. This lets the feet slide out more easily, but can be a bit messy on your floor tiles. Oh, and don’t try this one on carpet- it won’t work. Trust us, we’ve tried